Envisioning an Ethiopian society

free of gender violence











Family Service Association (FSA) provides assistance, advocacy, shelter, and training for women and girl survivors of gender violence and offers programs to help build an Ethiopian society free of gender violence.


FSA is registered as Ethiopian Resident Charity 0622 following the Charities and Societies Law of 2010.


What can your contribution do? You can choose between some examples quoted below (for example, a month's salary for the cook of the center or training costs) or you can donate just any amount.

  • € 15 are needed to clothe a victim in the center for three months
  • € 20 provides food for a woman for one month (€ 60 is needed for three months)..
  • € 35 will give somebody training for 12 days to guide her to greater independence
  • € 40 is the salary for the cook or the guard of the center
  • € 60 lets the driver of the center do his work for one month
  • € 75 can be your contribution towards the rent of the center
  • € 100 is the salary of the secretary/bursar
  • € 120 is the startup capital and house rent for one woman after training to begin her own business
  • € 150 makes it possible for two social workers to get neighborhoods or schools to carry out their work
  • € 200 brings an instructor to the center for 12 days to give training to the victims of abuse
  • € 460 are the total costs to rehabilitate one victim of sexual abuse including one or two of her children
  • € 1000 ………(Fill out yourself!)


You can contribute by sending us a check or money order, and you can also donate online through PayPal.

Payments made through Paypal are secure and encrypted. You do not need to have an account with Paypal to donate. All major credit cards are accepted.

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