Envisioning an Ethiopian society

free of gender violence










  • Initiated a full-fledged, fully equipped rehabilitation center for survivors of GBV in Bole Sub-City of Addis Ababa

  • Established safe school clubs in four schools in Kirkos Sub-City

  • Developed the Three-Year Strategic Plan for 2008-2010

  • Undertaken situation analysis of the target areas, identified baseline data, and designed strategy to attack violence against women/gender-based violence

  • Rehabilitated and empowered 109 women and girls by providing psycho-social services

  • Economically empowered 353 women through IGA

  • Created awareness of more than 20,000 community members including women, men, youth, and leaders of CBOs, FBOs, and local government bodies through various channels of communication: IEC Material, Community Conversation

  • Conducted several capacity building training programs for volunteers in prevention of gender-based violence and treatment for survivors, reproductive health, gender and development, sanitation and hygiene, HIV/AIDS, family law, entrepreneurship, and functional adult literacy programs

  • Won the trust and confidence of its constituents, leaders of its local communities, and donor partners

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