Envisioning an Ethiopian society

free of gender violence











Family Service Association (FSA) is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly which gives all supreme decision and overall organization policy direction and guidance. The General Assembly and Board of Directors are the highest authority that ultimately approves the organization's annual budget and work plan.


Management and Staffing

The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Directress who follows the day-to-day program activities and administrative matters and has a qualified technical staff in various disciplines. The Executive Directress and other officers operate with a defined mandate and responsibilities as well as shared and complementary duties in the field of program, finance, and administration. The operation of the Secretariat is guided by universally accepted standards and regulations of the government.


Currently FSA is staffed with a seven technical staff members, five support staff members, and fifteen community workers deployed for an outreach community program.


FSA adheres to the principles of community participation, transparency, and accountability.


Project Areas

  • Addis Ababa Kirkos Sub-City, Kebeles 17/18 & 15/16, 01/19

  • Addis Abada, Bole Sub-City Kebele 08/09 implemented in partnership with various government structures including Women's Affairs, Police and Justice Offices, Women's Associations, CBO, and FBOs

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